Park Circuits 

Beckenham - BR3 3PR 

Crease Park & Bec Rec Park  

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Park Circuits in Beckenham have been running for a number of years. With an enthusiastic group who all enjoy using my fitness equipment in a HITT style circuit. Various intensities to suit everyones individual needs.

Park Circuits - Timetable

Monday - 8 - 9pm

Thursday - 8 - 9pm 

PAYG - £10 Per Person  

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Mobile: 07795423288

Senior Park Circuits

Hayes - BR2 9EF

Norman Park - Hayes Lane End


This is a low impact style circuit using fitness equipmentexercise bands and body weight movements. 

Various intensities to suit everyones individual needs

Senior Park Circuits - Timetable

Tuesday - 2 - 3pm 

PAYG - £10 Per Person