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Strength and Conditioning Class for Seniors

Norman Park Community Sports Centre 

Hayes Lane, Bromley, BR2 9EG

Tuesdays - 2 - 3pm

The benefits of strength and conditioning class can have a huge impact on overall health.

  • Strength training helps seniors build muscle, which can improve their ability to perform daily tasks and maintain independence.


  • Enhanced Balance: Seniors often face balance issues, which can lead to falls. These classes typically include exercises to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls.


  • Bone Health: Strength training can increase bone density, which is especially important for seniors as it helps prevent osteoporosis and fractures.


  • Joint Health: Proper strength and conditioning can help maintain joint health and reduce discomfort from conditions like arthritis.


  • Cardiovascular Benefits: Many programs incorporate cardiovascular exercises to boost heart health and endurance.


  • Social Interaction: These classes often create a sense of community and social engagement, which can be valuable for seniors' mental and emotional well-being.


The Warren 

The Warren, Croydon Road, Bromley, BR2 7AL

Thursdays - 12:30 - 1:30pm

Norman Park Community Sports Centre is easily accessible from the bus stops outside the park at the Hayes Lane entrance. The busses are the 119, 146 and 314. There is free parking on site in the park. The centre also has a cafe, bar, toilets, changing rooms and lockers on site for everyone to use. 

The Warren has plenty of free parking, the gym is air conditioned all year round with good gym equipment. There is changing rooms, lockers, cafe and a bar to replenish after the workout. 

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There is a maximum of 16 people to this class and it's circuit based. Mainly focusing on weights and body weight strengthening exercises. 

Pay As You Go Options via my WhatsApp Group


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