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My name is Peter, My background is that on September 2016 I underwent open heart surgery. As part of the recovery I participated in 6 sessions of simple exercise at the Princess Royal and subsequently joined a PRU recommended Heart Smart recovery class at the Walnuts in Orpington. This is where I met Mark.

After a few sessions I had a setback. Before starting the class one morning I virtually collapsed. Fortunately Mark quickly assessed the situation and later that morning the hospital pointed out that the earlier AVR had damaged the flow of electricity across the heart. Shortly after I was fitted with a Pace Maker which solved the problem.

 It is obvious from the above that without Mark’s presence I might not be here. We signed him up for a weekly class of exercises at home. 


However the arrival of Coronavirus 19 halted the visits and Mark was forced to switch too Zoom. This is good for the exercise but bad without our physical ‘check up’ each week. His ability to modify our exercise, as we progress, is a key element of the programme. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about starting their fitness journey with him. 


I'm Sheila, 3 years ago i was unfortunately admitted to hospital with chest pain and ended up with 2 stents in a vein that had collapsed. It was obviously a worrying time as i got used to living with them until i met Mark from Heartsmart. He keeps me calm definately keeps me fit he is my confidante and my saviour and i would probably not be the confident person i am without him. Definately has my recommendation.


We have been working out with Mark for over 2 years now and still enjoy every session. Throughout lockdown he has kept us motivated by being incredibly flexible and offering sessions outside or over Zoom. We feel confident that Mark delivers what we need, by tracking our progress and mixing up our routines. There is never a dull moment when working out with Mr G.


I have been training with Mark for several years now. He has a good understanding of my training objectives and has consistently designed programmes that meet my aims. He motivates me by setting goals to work towards including training me through two Spartan races which we completed together. He supported me in keeping healthy throughout pregnancy and has been great with my post natal fitness too. 

He strikes a good balance between pushing me to achieve more than I think I can do as well as listening carefully to how I am feeling on the day. He is always attentive throughout training sessions, and I feel I get value for money, as well as always enjoying my workouts. 

Mark not only works hard to train his clients, but to build great relationships too, making him a highly effective personal trainer who I always recommend to my friends and family.


I’ve been going to Mark’s circuit classes for nearly a year and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Mark’s creativity means no class is the same and I love that he offers different intensity levels to suit the class. It means all levels are covered and everyone gets the workout they want. Mark’s is hugely knowledgeable, offering lots of advice that have helped me get the results I want and his classes are energetic, motivational and lots of fun!

Fiona - From Park Circuits

So there I was trying (yet another) milkshake style diet in between boozy nights out and client lunches in July 2016 when a mutual friend of mine and Mark’s sat in the pub with me and said… you don’t need to do another diet, you need Mark. 

She was right. 30mins and a Whatsapp exchange later my first PT session was booked for the following day, and we never looked back. 

Almost 5 Years later Mark has become a big part of my training life and has helped me make so many positive changes. I’m a big lad (which suits me) but now I am a far far healthier and fitter one. He takes things at my pace but pushes me enough to ensure we see results. 

He is more than just a PT. He gives me nutrition advice, training advice (beyond his sessions), tailored dietary plans and general positive vibes. He likes to talk does our Mark, so expect him to know all about your life very soon. He has become a firm fixture in our house over the past few years and the kids await his arrival every week… albeit on Zoom during lockdown! 

I would thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life through exercise and fun.


Mark has been my. Pt for 7/8 years now. He is brilliant and has helped me with my weight and fitness.
Every weekly session makes me feel physically and mentally better.
Mark is so knowledgeable on many health issues and has become a really good friend. Thank you Markxx


Would definitely recommend Mark’s class. He knows just how to get the most out of people. He focuses on teamwork and motivation so the time just flies by. Exercising outside is not to be missed especially if you’ve been at the office or with the children all day! We are very lucky to have such a fab class so close by. Finally the classes are small so Mark can provide individual feedback to ensure you are getting the most from every move.


I undertook an online cardio rehab and fitness programme with Mark, following a triple heart bypass operation. Especially because of lockdown, there were no such classes or help available in this area  of post op rehab.

Mark was excellent , his programme was tailor made for me and developed and improved both my cardio and general fitness significantly , and safely week on week.

He is clearly a very qualified  experienced knowledgeable guy in the field of personal fitness, and especially in my case post op cardio rehab and he also gave me the psychological confidence to get back to 

my fullest potential . Online training worked perfectly for me also, I would highly recommend him .....

Peter O - Online Personal Training

I trained with Mark for 2 1/2 years but the biggest impact he made was in the first 3 months. I didn't see a fat person when I looked in the mirror anymore.  He changed my mindset and seeing the change in my body shape made all the difference. He really got to know me and personalised my training plan to suit my specific needs. 


Training with Mark was the best decision I made and would recommend his services to anyone wanting to change their life.


I have known Mark for the some time now and would never have believed I’d be enjoying exercise this much.   Really look forward each week to my 1:1 session with him.

He has a great ability to make the sessions fun as well as being able to adjust the workouts to suit my needs on the day.  He is always happy and it’s obvious he loves what he does and wants the best for me.

If you’re hesitating about getting professional coaching, I can honestly say that finding Mark has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Give it a try, I know you’ll love it. 

IMG_7317 2.heic

I hate exercise! Any excuse to avoid it at any cost but in 2009 I was introduced to Mark.  Well he must have the magic touch because we've been working out regularly ever since - exercise wise that is!! I've argued and moaned on a regular basis but have kept going. I'm sure he praises me even when I've been pathetic but I'll keep going as long as he can put up with me.  And it's helped me keep up with my 4 grandsons- go Grandma 🏋‍♀️ P.S I didn't break my wrist training with Mark.


I started doing weekly sessions with Mark over 10 years ago, having done no exercise whatsoever. I was nervous about how hard I’d find it, but mark immediately put me at ease. Ten years on, I love exercise and it’s part of my life, I’m fitter and slimmer than I’ve ever been and I always look forward to my work outs with him.

Mark makes the sessions fun and considers your level and capability to make sure it’s right for you. He’s always pushed me so I progress, but not so much that I’m put off doing it again. He keeps it fresh and thinks of different exercises and routines each week; so you never get bored. He’s also lovely company to spend an hour with each week. It’s not an exaggeration to say Mark changed my life. He’s the best coach ever; thanks Mark!


I started working with Mark initially to help me lose weight and get in shape with my wedding. I’d used the gym before but was never really able to stick at it but working with Mark changed all that. He worked out lots of different programmes tailored especially for me (as I have a very short attention span!), always made our sessions fun (he even had me dragging a tree around in a park once) and helped me keep track of my diet so that we smashed all of my weight loss goals, shifting around 2 stone in total.  I kept working with Mark long after the wedding and sadly had to stop when I moved to a new area but would 100% recommend him as a brilliant personal trainer - and a lovely bloke to boot.


I was encouraged to contact Mark in January 2013 by my daughter who was worried after I was told by my doctor I was obese!!!!


I used to dread Wednesday mornings knowing Mark would be arriving with gym equipment to put me through my paces.  However after a few months I began to look forward to seeing his smiling face and enjoyed having a cheerful banter with him. 


 I am so glad I persevered because in March 2016 I was able to wear my size 10 wedding dress when my husband and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding thanks to Mark devising a special exercise programme for me.


Thanks to Mark he has changed my life for the better over the past eight years.   I am much fitter, slimmer and also able to keep up with my grandchildren.  I would highly recommend him.


I met Mark on the Heartsmart  program in West Wickham. After having a heart operation I was referred by my GP to join the group for a 4 weeks program to start doing some exercise. I was scared at first because after having a heart operation you feel that if you do too much you will end up damaging your heart even more but Mark gave me all the support and confidence that I needed to get through the program and to carry on going to the gym after I finished my initial 4 weeks.


I am proud to say that now I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Mark has been my Personal Trainer for almost 4 years and his classes are always fun. He keeps my programs updated , check my progress and changes my exercises often so I don’t get bored. He always wants to know what I want to achieve, which muscle group I want to work  and always gives me the best advice as to what would be best for me.


During lockdown we had zoom meetings to keep my exercise routine on track and it was definitely very important not only for my physical well-being but also my mental health. I wouldn’t be here now going to the gym and really enjoying it without Marks support over the last 4 years. I highly recommend him as a Personal trainer and honestly, you will be in good hands .


Thank you Mark

Stefan - Personal Training

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